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Mental health comes in many forms
conversations around mental health.
I’ve always wanted to
strengthen my relationship
with my partner.
I wanted to take steps to
address my depression.
I started a daily meditation practice.
I need to maintain a
healthy lifestyle
to feel rested and sleep. It’s important to get access
Knowing how to be
financially confident
Modern Health has helped start
It’s important to get access to support fast and when I need it.
Having a coach is important for my
professional growth.
Modern Health has helped start conversations around mental health

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We start by understanding the areas in your life that you’d like to focus on.


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Based on a quick assessment, we’ll recommend a personalized care plan based on your needs.


Choose your perfect provider

We carefully source and build our global provider network to give you the best professional care.

Our care options

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My Mental Wellness Status is




Licensed Therapists

Evidence-based therapy from high-quality clinicians through in-person visits or video calls.

Certified Coaches

Support from ICF-certified coaches through live video calls and text-based messaging.

Digital Resources

Engaging self-guided courses and meditations developed by clinical psychologists.

Digital content can be a surprisingly effective resource. We know that most of the change in therapy happens between sessions, when you’re actually putting changes into practice, so using technology to remind us about behavior change and new routines can be a great compliment.

Myra Altman, PhD
VP Clinical Care, Modern Health

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