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Mental wellness that meets you wherever you are

Modern Health is the only comprehensive mental health platform that provides access to a full spectrum of resources, ranging from digital courses and meditations to a network of certified coaches and licensed therapists

As seen in:

As seen in:

Mental health impacts all of us

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for mental well-being

Work Performance

I’m scared to speak up during work meetings.

Stress & Anxiety

Even small tasks feel daunting.

Healthy Lifestyles

It’s rare for me to get a restful night of sleep.

Financial Well-Being

My student loan debt seems insurmountable.

Diversity & Inclusion

I want to be a better ally but don’t know how.

Life Challenges

I’m a first time parent and learning how to balance my life

Mindfulness & Meditation

I wish I could learn to enjoy the present moment.


I love my significant other, but I can’t get through to them.

How it works

Modern Health combines technology and human touch to guide individuals to the right level of care at the right time. Each employee has access to a full spectrum of support in a single platform to meet their unique needs.

Digital Programs

Engaging evidence-based courses and mediation developed by clinical psychologists

Virtual Coaching

Support from ICF-certified coaches through in-app video calls and live text-based messaging

Clinical Therapy

Evidence-based therapy from high-quality licensed clinicians through in-person visits or over video

Take care of your people

People love it

Changed my life

”Overall, I feel that I have the tools I need to face life and I don't know that I would have found them without the help of Modern Health.”

Love it!

“I'm a better manager at work, I started a daily meditation practice, I'm more patient in relationships.”

My favorite benefit

“I really appreciate what Modern Health has set out to do! I encourage everyone at my company to take advantage of this wonderful benefit, and I hope that more companies offer this to their employees.”


“Modern Health helped me improve evaluating my personal health and how that translates to my role and the work I'm doing”

Thank you!

“I started a daily meditation practice. I was also connected with a therapist who perfectly matches my needs and have learned to navigate my daily stressors and work on my codependency.”

This is so exciting!

“Especially given the recent suicides of celebrities and their reminder that our country struggles with mental health, I'm so happy to see us taking the bigger picture of emotional well-being.”

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